Healing Testimonials

6-22-20Patricia Jones 9:25 am on facebook messenger

My knees did not hurt or bother me after 12noon, yesterday. I could feel the rush of soothing energy as you were sending. Had to get some things done, yesterday, so later in the afternoon I took that short nap. Lolo.


And this, Patricia Jones posted on my facebook page on 6-22-20

Christa Lynn Muka
Thank you for the healing session! My knees are very happy! Needed the extra boost.


6-18-2020 Posted as a comment to the Zoom Healing Post

Colleen Hunt Thank you so much for the free reading(Healing)! It was great!
I can't wait until we can meet up in person!


6-16-20 Comment posted on Zoom Healing Post

Joy W. Aleccia Christa Lynn Muka Thank you so much for my healing today! I canít believe how powerful it was. I feel so open and balanced now. So grateful 🙏❤


6-15-20 Comment posted on Zoom Healing Post

Phoenix Angelica-Rose Duffy Hey I just had it done this morning and it was literally amazing🦋 I felt the energy come in the back of my heart and we could both feel the flow of toxins coming out my feet and she was completely in sync with what was going on with me! Felt energized 🤗


Comments in Facebook Messenger by Jamie Bilexbie after the June 2, 2002 Vortex:

Thanks for the vortex meditation Christa. I feel like the energy is starting to waver down but I still feel the love and its so weirdly amazing. Is this what vortex meditations usually feel like?

By the way, thanks for describing the grounding technique for me yesterday. I feel like I finally have a better understanding of how I can ground myself better. People always used tree metaphors when describing grounding yourself and depending on how it was described would be a hit or miss for me.

Yet the misting one you described yesterday, I instantly understood. It just clicked in my brain, "Ooh that's what grounding is? That's easy to visualize too."


-        Comment in Healers United, after the Monday Night Vortex on June 1, 2002.

       Katrina Anne

Katrina Anne That rocked, Christa Lynn Muka. I live in the hammock in Florida and was looking at a fountian as the vortex that you took to a mist. I always held hands in meditations that are virtual as I would in person. Just was conversing about my Jupiter placement before joining the call!
The great convergence...don't doubt it anybody.
Blessed be, Sister.



-          Email received from Lilly J.after the June 1 Vortex





Mon, Jun 1, 8:39 PM (2 days ago)

Thanks so much Christa! That was wonderful.




-         Text message received from Louise Sanders on Monday June 1 after the June 1 Vortex

Your meditations are good and I feel compelled to follow your instructions or leadership to the source!

The session was very
powerful and to generate that much
Vibrating power with only 6 people plus others praying was awesome. Your instructions for the meditation was very good! It is easy to follow and interesting along the way! Thank you, Louise


-         Text message from Louise Sanders on Tuesday after Memorial Day Vortex 5/25/20.


Christa, yesterday was excellent and the power was awesome!
Do you actually feel the power since you are leading the session are you able to concentrate and project at the same time!


Amy Metafizzy Garber shared an event.

Admin ∑ May 18 at 8:47 PM

I invite you guys to join me in this virtual event on Zoom I'm hosting tomorrow night. YOU DON'T NEED ANY HEALING SKILLS YOURSELF! Christa Lynn will lead us in a wonderful, powerful, healing guided meditation 8:00-8:30 pm. She just did one that I attended and I feel sooo peaceful yet buzzing with energy in a peaceful way (if that makes sense!). I highly recommend you try this vortex thing! We also send healing to the Earth, to people we know, and to ourselves. It's magical!
Donate any amount at the web page given in the event description to be registered & receive the Zoom link via email.


This sound bath meditation is brought to you free of charge, however, if you feel so inclined to offer support by way of a donation, you may do so here: https://paypal.me/robmk.



Post in Healers United after the Vortex on May 18, 2020

Jilly Bean I had a negative encounter that went on through the day so I forgot about our session tonight until thankfully Kelly Lubbe messaged to remind me. So I jumped in 15 minutes late but I still got so relaxed immediately that I got a good deep experience out of it. I could totally relate when Loise said it felt like it went on longer than it did. So thank you again Christa Lynn Muka for a wonderful session and thank you Kelly for the reminder 💜


Post in Healers United after the Vortex on May 11, 2020


Barbara Smith-Klein Thanks for the healing it was wonderful.

Cristina Pavey

May 11 at 8:38 PM

It was my first Monday meditation online and it was very powerful and healing! Thank you Kelly and Christa Lynn Muka and everyonestill feeling it! Awesome!

Cristina Pavey
 Christa Lynn Muka it was such a pleasure! And the guided meditation was so beautiful and relaxing. Energy still moving in me finding the places where it needs to go😊❤


Lynn A Drum Christa Lynn Muka It was amazing. Thank you for your gifts.



Posted in Healers United after the Vortex on Mary 4, 2020


Linda Lee Linder
 It was a great meditation last night, sorry I had to leave so abruptly!


These three received on 6-21-2020


Adriana Mara  recommends Christa Lynn Psychic Healer.

8 hrs ∑ 

Christa is a great psychic. Everything she said to me was on spot. You not only get a reading you get advice on how to proactively remove yourself from situations that are holding you back or you feel stuck. She is insightful and very spiritual. I am so grateful for having met her and will definitely be back 🙏


       Jenny LaFeldt Thanks so much for the reading today! Iím impressed at how right on it was despite the computer problems. Lol. Thanks again. I canít wait to see what the year brings. I recently upgraded my holy fire reiki perhaps that starts taking me places.


       Carol Gammon

Carol Gammon Could really relate to everything she had to say regarding the past the present and the future it's well worth your time to explore possibilities that could go on in your life

These two were received on June 28, 2020

       Mollie Ferguson Spot on reading! and so helpful regarding challenges/obstacles - focus on positive rather the negative. Love the law of attraction - helpful tool to navigate and make best of all situations 😊

       Jessica Hough

Jessica Hough Thank you so much Christa! What a great way to celebrate this wonderful Sunday morning with a reading with you. I really appreciated your focus on the law of attraction and your guiding interpretation. Would definitely recommend a reading for others!