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Tarot Classes

Tarot - Part 1

In this three hour class you will learn the history of the Tarot. How it is two types of decks in one: The Major Arcana and Minor Arcana.

You will also learn about the Kabbala, the Hebrew Tree of Life and the 22 Major Arcana cards that teach about the Fools Path to enlightenment.

Also, some basic astrology will be taught in this class. What signs are fire signs? What signs are water, earth or air signs? What are their traits? What are their physical charateristics? What can we know about them? How does Astrology apply to the Tarot?

We will be doing basic readings using the Major Arcana and spend time practicing doing these readings. The Ryder Waite Tarot Deck will be used to teach this class. Students are required to bring their own Tarot Deck to class.

Tarot - Part 2

How Numerology and Astrology fit into the Minor Arcana. What does each suite mean? What does each card mean, and what do they mean in reverse? How to use your intuition to listen to what the cards are saying.

You will learn what different types of spreads are there: three card spreads for a quick answer, seven card spreads, decision spreads, Celtic cross, etc. What is the most commonly used spread. Even less commonly used spreads like the astrological spread, the double Celtic cross, past/present/future spreads, and the Gypsy Wish Spread.

We will practice each of the different types of spreads. And, of course, spend time practicing doing some actual Tarot readings with each other! Make sure you bring your own Tarot Cards. This class will be taught with the Ryder Waite Tarot Deck.

Class sizes are limited to four to ten students to make sure that everyone gets personal attention. Time is made at the end of each class to practice what we have learned with the other students in the class.

Preregistration is required. If a class fails to have four students signed up within 24 hours prior to the class, you will be notified that the class has been canceled. You will then be entitled to a refund or you can apply your payment to a future class.