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Psychic Readings by Christa Lynn

Psychic Reader, Medium, Crystal Healer, Spiritual Counselor and Teacher

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Psychic Exploration

Psychic Exploration I

This class will begin with a meditation that will increase our vibration and heighten our intuition

You will learn about other methods of divination using decks of cards that are not the Tarot. Decks such as Angel Decks, Oracle Decks, and even playing cards. We will practice using these decks to do readings on each other. If you have a favorite deck of any of these types of cards, bring it to class!

We will also explore Psychometry and Scrying. These are other methods of divination.

Psychometry is where you can hold an object or photo of a person and divine information from it.

Scrying is divining information using a crystal ball, water or smoke to receive information.

Developing other intuitive gifts, like prophecy, empathy, interpreting dreams, etc, will also be explored

Psychic Exploration II

We will begin this class with a chakra clearing meditation and learn about our chakras, what they are, where they are located, their purpose, and how to clear and balance them.

You will learn about Automatic Writing, Channeling, and Cold Readings. Automatic writing is where the other side communicates with you through the use of your hand and arm to write or draw and is a form of channeling. Cold readings are readings where there are no tools required at all. We will practice automatic writing and cold readings.

This class will also learn about and practice Billets and Body Scans. Billets are where the client writes down a question or several questions on a piece of paper. The paper is sealed in an envelope and the reader hold the envelope and gives the reading. Body scans are used by medical intuitives to check on someone's health.

Palmistry will even be explored. What is our life line, marriage line or health line? What other lines are important? What about mounds, shapes of hands, fingers, etc, and what can they tell us?

Class sizes are limited to four to ten students to make sure that everyone gets personal attention. Time is made at the end of each class to practice what we have learned with other students in the class.

Preregistration is required. If a class fails to have four students signed up within 24 hours prior to the class, you will be notified that the class has been canceled. You will then be entitled to a refund or you can apply your payment to a future class.