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Energy Vortex Experience

Have you ever felt healing energy before?

The Healing Energy Vortex Experience begins with a group meditation. This is to relax us, clear and balance our chakras and prepare our bodies for the healing energy of the vortex.

After the meditation, we will hold hands sitting in a circle. Hand chakra to hand chakra for the energy to flow through us.

We will create a vortex of healing energy in the center of the circle, enlarge it and make it more powerful.

We will send it down to mother earth, to thank her for all she provides for us, give gratitude and love to her with our healing energy to use in whatever highest and best way will assist her.

We will send the energy out to all living things on the planet. Any in need and asking for it will receive it

We will bring the vortex energy back into the circle in front of us, larger and even more powerful. Each person will be allowed to give names for this healing energy to be directed to, and energy will be sent to them.

Finally, the best part of all, we will bring this huge healing vortex back into ourselves, for our own personal healing.

Most people are able to feel this powerful energy, which is why we do it sitting in a circle. It is a lot of fun and phenomenal to participate in. Try it and experience for yourself!